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Towing in Brooks, KY

Call AJ’s if you need towing in Brooks, KY. Located just north of Shepherdsville. Famous for Brooks Hill Winery. Lots of folks visit this Winery. An adorable, quaint winery on the hill. Meet their gorgeous labrador lilies. Walk in the woods, or relax in the yard. Under the pavilion, or in the room by the fire and take it out and drink!


towing in brooks ky
Towing in brooks KY

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Brooks KY Towing Services

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

When your vehicle is broke down in Brooks KY, give us a call. We will travel any distance to give you a hand. Our dispatch crew is available anytime, day or night.

flatbed towing

Flatbed Towing in Brooks KY

Flatbed Towing Quick and convenient service Emergency towing service Long-distance towing service in Brooks KY

Lockout Service


Locked Out? We Can Get You Back In! Give us a call now for fast service in Louisville, KY.

First Time Caller Discount

1st Time Caller Discount

First Time Brooks KY Callers get 10% Off Any Services, Make Sure you let your driver know over the phone about your discount.

Flat tire roadside rescure

Tire Change Service

If you have a good spare tire mounted on the rim, call for a tire change immediately. For a small fee, we will send a rescue technician to replace the tires.

Flatbed tow truck

Classic & Exotic Vehicle Towing

Your Vehicle is in good hands here at AJ’s Towing and Recovery Service. Over 10 Years Experience Loading and Transporting Classic and Exotic Cars and Trucks.

Dead battery jump start

Dead Battery?

We'll jumps start or replace your battery.

Fuel Delivery

Out of Gas? We can deliver up to 5 gallons of gasoline.

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Google Reviews

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Towing in Brooks KY

Flatbed Towing

Fully equipped flatbed towing.

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