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Did you run out of gas?

AJ’s Towing offers roadside assistance and fuel delivery. Gasoline depletion is a difficult situation for any driver. If you’re stuck with no gas station within walking distance, it’s even worse. Our roadside fuel delivery service will provide you with 2 gallons of gasoline. That should be enough to get you anywhere in a reasonably short distance.
Our fuel delivery service is fast, and our truck driver will deliver the fuel to your location. We transport unleaded gasoline and diesel in all our service vehicles. We can supply up to 2 gallons on request. AJ’s experience drivers are courteous.
Our roadside assistance and fuel delivery service will get you back on track in no time. Our technicians will help you while you are waiting in the car. Twenty-four hours a day – 7 days a week.
Roadside Assistance and Fuel Delivery

How running out of gas can damage your car

Unless you’re driving a pure electric car, your car will likely run on gasoline or diesel. So no matter what oil-based fuel (what we call “gas” here for simplification) you use when your tank is empty, you will stagnate.
Most motorists will never run out of gasoline. The low-fuel warning light on most cars, you should have plenty of warnings and ways to avoid that fate.
But it still happens sometimes. Maybe you don’t pay attention to the fuel level or lights, you think you can do it when you travel to the next city, or you don’t have the money when you need gas. Getting stuck is never fun, but running out of gas can also be bad for your car.

What happens to your vehicle?

When you run out of gas, your motor will start to vibrate and throw up and eventually stop working. Of course, your car will go dead wherever this occurs.
It may cause mechanical damage to your fuel system and engine, increasing the chance of an accident due to the sudden power failure.
Some of the mechanical damage can include:

Clogged fuel lines and fuel injectors:

It is causing debris inside the tank that gets sucked in when it settles to the bottom of an empty tank. It’s more common in older vehicles with A worn metal gas tank (most modern cars have a plastic tank). Another potential problem is a worn fuel filter letting sludge into the gas.

Overheated fuel pump:

Your fuel pump delivers the gas in your tank to the engine. It lives at the bottom of the fuel tank, cooled and lubricated by the gases flowing through it. Running out of gas can cause overheating the fuel pump, requiring an expensive replacement. In addition, if you run out of gas, your fuel pump may become damaged.