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Service Areas for Towing and Emergency Roadside Assistance

AJ’s Towing Service Areas. We’ve made an effort to make independent service area pages for our potential clients that require emergency roadside assistance.
Below you can find a list of areas that we serve in Kentucky.

We want our website to be easy to navigate for our visitors and make it straightforward so that you have an excellent experience with our towing company. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays.

If you don’t see your area listed, don’t hesitate to contact us for clarification. We may serve the site you are located in; if not, we may be able to help find another towing company to help you in your time of need.

Please stay safe while waiting on your tow truck

Get To the Side of the Road

You’ll need to do this foremost thing whenever you are in crisis, pull over the car to the side of the roadway. Try to stop at a safe place where your Vehicle doesn’t stand in the path of other passing vehicles. For example, imagine you stay in the center of a busy road. It will significantly increase your odds of being hit by another automobile and getting hurt.
However, in a position where you’ll be incapable of moving your car, i.e., the vehicle broke down or has been involved in an accident. Then, you can push the car to the side and avoid hilly inclines where your Vehicle can accidentally slide. At the same time, also avoid blind crossroads to make your Vehicle seeable.

Visibility is Crucial

Turn on the hazard blinkers as soon as you feel the car dies on you or get yourself into an accident. Whether your vehicle is on the highway or the side of the street, turn on the hazard lights. Also, install a reflective caution triangle behind and in front of your vehicle to warn other motorists. Warning triangles, flares, or blinkers are early warning practices, particularly at night.
If you’re not waiting for a towing service, make sure you stand at a safe yet visible place where other motorists can see you. It is also advisable not to spend time close to your Vehicle as it can be a severe safety risk. For example, if you’re around your car and some other driver slams into your vehicle, you are highly likely to get hurt. Thus, it is best to stand slightly a few feet away from the Vehicle and are visible while at a safe space at the same time.

Conserve your mobile phone battery

Most individuals only think about their vehicles, but mobile phones can make a huge difference, specifically in emergencies. It might be tempting to thumb through your Facebook feed while waiting for the tow truck to come; it’s something we’d firmly suggest you stop doing. Regardless of how much battery charge you have left, squandering it on social media and mobile games can be risky, to the least. Instead, you should be using your mobile phone if you’re in a remote area to search for “tow company near me.” And ensure to call the most trustworthy and positively reviewed company for quick roadside assistance.
Assuming your car battery is working and you have a charger available. In that case, you can ignore this advice and enjoy scrolling through your mobile phone.

Be Aware of Strangers

Uninvited assistance is always unpredictable. Free rides are also a double-edged sword. You can get to the closest town and get help from a towing company, but you can also find people who might try to take advantage of you. Likewise, some criminal minds will work in teams. While one offers you a free lift to the nearest town, the other is busy robbing your personal property or even your car in your absence.
The best way to prevent such trouble is to decline any uninvited help or tows, especially if you’ve already contacted our tow service. Anytime a tow truck arrives, ensure it is from the same company you’ve called rather than a random man looking to take advantage of you. If you’re not sure about the truck, or it doesn’t have the company’s decals, call the towing company again and ask for proof for their Vehicle.

Remove Valuables from your car.

This one is relatively obvious; still, stranded individuals tend to oversee simple things when nervous. If you’re planning to stick around till the tow truck arrives. Your valuables should be secure; otherwise, never leave any valuables if you decide to leave your automobile.
When our tow truck arrives, you should take all your possessions out of the car. Also, vanishing personal belongings is not unheard of, even when employing a reputable tow company.

Have Bottled Water Available

Saving a bottle of water in your Vehicle can be lifesaving. It can help you stay hydrated in times of crisis and help in engine overheating issues. Many people have had severe dehydration issues while being abandoned in the middle of Kentucky heat with a damaged car. Go and put a water bottle in your car right away as it’s always helpful and wouldn’t have to think about it again.

Call Our Towing Company

Many folks don’t pay attention when using a tow service and call the first business they find online. This is never a good approach, and you can end up in the hands of a dishonest or unprofessional tow truck driver. That might also try to charge you enormous sums for roadside assistance that would otherwise cost less. Unfortunately, there are a lot of hungry sharks waiting to capitalize on such an unlucky set of circumstances. Therefore, you should do a little research before contacting a tow truck.
When looking for a trustworthy and efficient towing service in the Kentucky area, don’t waste any time and call our emergency roadside assistance service. Our highly qualified and professional towing specialists know precisely how to handle a particular problem efficiently and save both the driver and the Vehicle. See a list of our towing service areas above.